Technical audit services

The audit focus

As part of a basic audit, the following pillars are checked off on top of the primary focus that has been described in the offer. It could be your audit has more or less focus on particular topics.


  • Tech team
    • Experience in the team
    • Partnerships & responsibilities
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Who does what, strong dependencies on external companies for strategic assets?
    • Healthy balance internally? Are any disciplines missing?
  • Technical management
    • Drive the platform selection and technical design
    • Find the 80/20 balance
    • Grow technical leaders
    • Own the development methodology

Product & Roadmap

  • Ideation phase - What is the process of feature development
  • Planning & prioritisation / Clear roadmap - How are features and is work planned?
  • Is this approach doable and how many developers are needed?
  • Validation of developed features - How do they check if the time invested has a positive ROI?

End User perspective

  • Search engine readiness
  • Front end performance (load times, different devices)
  • Domain name ownership
  • Responsiveness check
  • Security
  • Privacy

Software / Infrastructure

  • Hosting setup / infrastructure / DNS
  • Monitoring
  • Failover / redundancy
  • Code review / Architecture design
  • Abstraction of software design
  • Extendability (e.g. localisation and multiple geographic locations)
  • Scaling the code on substantial increase of usage
  • Scaling the code on maintainability

Process (maturity)

    This is basically a maturity check, on topics like e.g.:
  • Security in operations
  • Backups
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer support
  • Deployment
  • Automation