Background on Audit à la Carte

The mission

Audit à la Carte has been founded by Robbert van Os, who initiated the first services from experience in a consultancy background (formally known as Develeapment) and prior to that as an entrepreneur in various companies. All those services offered with one goal in mind, accelerating growth of start- and scale-ups.


Emphasis on younger stage companies

The biggest and quickest impact can be made at young, starting companies that have initial traction. Definition of young in this respect? My take on this: If your startup has figured out a monetisation plan and it is working, your startup isn’t a start-up any more and you become a scale-up. Either way, often the following stages apply in both start- and scale-ups:

      1. Startup phase: Customer centric product development and finding product market fit (validation phase)
      2. Growth and Establishment based loosely on customer but product centric and developing a scalable service (product phase)
      3. Expansion & Maturity has proven the model and has to ensure stability and maintainability for scale (engineering phase)
We blend in best in those younger stage companies, without the overhead of larger (50+) teams. The experience we have is in both larger scale and small business, so we understand language, culture and mindset of all types!

Our Philosophy

The typical challenge for start-ups is they often acknowledge they need help and they are willing to embrace support from seasoned professionals, but often lack the resources. The ones that make it into the hockey stick, often seek for investment from an Angel or Venture Capital firms. This is also the momentum a company has to mature and deals with various changes. A consultant with the right background and experience can make substantial impact with reflection, advice and experience. This has one downside, consultancy doesn’t scale besides throwing more bodies at it. Throwing additional internal resources toward an IT project might not give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for. In fact, it could very well slow you down. The first potential impact is overextending staff by pulling them onto yet another project and moving their focus away from important, business critical tasks they were hired to do in the first place. Next, lack of expertise can become a roadblock. This can be costly when a project slows down due to errors or delays needed by staff to ramp up and learn something new.


Recent developments

More and more focus geared towards technical audits for venture capital firms, but also supporting start-ups on their acquisition by larger firms. For example ensuring the IT is easy to understand and well documented, to ensure the acquiring company knows what (and what not) to expect. Another important development is the launch of various tools to enable more efficient decision making.


Inception of Audit à la Carte

A platform to help investors make better decisions and increase portfolio value by providing support on the investors craftsmanship. This is done in 2 ways

  • The trusted and existing technical audit services, that can be tailored to every deal (a la Carte model).
  • A new online platform to support both the consultancy services, but also e.g.
    • Enhance deal sourcing process for investors
    • Make identification of the right startups a lot easier
    • Track companies that might be to early for your fund criteria, but deserve extra attention
    • Connect to the right professional, getting the right people in, at the right time
    • And much more to come….
We believe this is a more scalable way to support both the investors and indirect the various ambitious and promising starting companies.