You landed well, no worries!

You probably know Develeapment services included "business advice & startup mentoring, "business coaching, "technology coaching and productivity" and "Technical Due Diligence" (or so called tech audits).

It's great to get back in touch, because we have exciting news! Audit à la Carte, is the new name of Develeapment! So, what does the change mean for investors? The short answer is: Better insights on the investment processes with the help of smart tools, but with the trusted approach and audit services your are used to!

Same services but improved

Technical audits & due diligence will remain the primary focus and will be further extended. With regards to the future, we intend to stay one step ahead of the game. As the core of our company is its technology, we work every day to make sure Audit à la Carte is a carrier of the newest technological developments. For instance, we have simplified one of the most demanding and at the same time crucial tasks within due diligence: the Dealsourcing & match making process.

A lot more good news to come, but bigger and better than before! Stay tuned!