The IT risk analysis done by a professional

    If you feel there is an area that needs a deeper dive, it is advisable to bring in an expert. The most important IT due diligence focus that every professional should explore are:

  • Does the company really own its supposed product or service?
  • Is the technology developed in the right way? Are external integrations done well?
  • Can their technology scale if the usage goes up or exponential spikes occur?
  • Risk assessment

    During a merger, investment or acquisition, an effective IT due diligence process can minimize risk, improve the odds of success, and increase the value of the deal.

    The same considerations also apply when we perform an IT assessment for internal purposes.


    Value assessment

    Audit à la Carte will map the target company’s IT strengths, weaknesses, and hidden deficiencies to acquisition or investment priorities.

    The results provide a better understanding of the target companies IT organization.


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