Technical audit programs

The constant development of new technologies is without a doubt a part of our everyday reality. However, this comes with a price as you need to keep an eye on what is happening on the market and make sure that you have up-to-date software that is robust and reliable.

If you are a professional investor, e.g., VC or CVC company, you need a certain level of comfort before making a deal. At the same time, you probably have governance to support your backers.

We got you covered, with reliable and affordable audit programs!


Standardized but custom to your needs

Venture Capital firms or investors in general often want to gain answers on topics like e.g.:

  • Is the team technically capable, knowledgeable and experienced?
  • Strengths of the company that should be preserved and/or built-upon moving forward
  • Opportunities for growth post-investment, to help meet objectives e.g. roadmap validation
  • Technical risks coupled with the cost to mitigate, strengths, weaknesses, and risks of the company?
  • Founders will make statements about proprietary algorithms, special people or data, so a VC may want to get an independent opinion about such claims.

  • Investments and acquisitions are inherently risky and the competition for software-based investments is intense. To successfully win the deal and achieve the right return on investment, Venture Capital firms & business angels, corporations and other investment firms must quickly asses risk and opportunities, through the bidding process to close.


    Comfort to the level you need!

    If one is making a relatively low investment, you don't want to spend this on several audits in advance. At the same time, you would like to mitigate risks.

    We created programs, which have a broad focus and mitigate the most significant risks on an investment. Depending on your needs, we can either screen a concept or further validate potential risks. Each company is unique and depending on their maturity stage, needs a different focus. We have done over a thousand IT audits and gained pretty good insights on most common pitfalls and technology scaling hurdles. This results in a couple of audit programs, which cover a broad spectrum of IT-specific topics. We have devoted ourselves not to limited an audit to a checklist, but instead, use the pre-defined check items to ensure proper validation as granular as one needs comfort for.

    Packages as audit playbooks

    You can rest assured, we've got you back! We have created packages and focus areas that tackle most common issues and decide upfront, what focus areas should receive extra attention. The review needed for those developments are often different, but we can help you minimize your business risk by conducting a technical systems audit.

    Technical risk analysis in various segments

    We have done technical risk analysis in the following domains, and we're still expanding:

      3D printing
      Embedded software development
      Artificial intelligence
      Media (print, online)
      Machine learning
      Social media
      Internet of Things (IoT)
      Life sciences
      LOHAS and wellness
      Human Resources
      Marketing tech
      Archival services
      Video production
      (Casual) Gaming
      SaaS (software as a service)
      Virtual reality