Audit efficiency for Investors & Fundraisers

Audit à la carte will significantly reduce the time it takes to perform an audit, helping investors to do less work, improving process visibility, and constantly innovating to make your work easier.

We are still in beta, but eager to hear your investment stories and how we can help.

Digital transformation on AuditsYou can automate parts of the collection, validation and delivery of data for reporting-side and research purposes.

Service provider ConnectOne central hub to connect to your trusted advisors and request availability and offers with one click.

Control Sensitive InformationYou are in control, of flows of confidential and inside information. You decide, who has access to what information.

What are the benefits?

Bare with us, we only just got started and we'll be able to share more soon.

Pre-investment monitoring

Too early stage, but still like to follow that start-up? Follow them instantly on various sources and receive alerts on changes!

Unify Process + Data

One of the greatest opportunity costs? Process and data difference on every fundraiser. Unify & standardize!

Apply Business Rules

Define critical policies and procedures and set them up for replicated success.

Use your existing tooling

Organization of Information, consistent process for each opportunity and still leveraging your existing CRM and other internal tooling.

Secure and Scalable

Your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage. You can also set your privacy to the highest level and define access levels.

Task Management

Increase worker efficiency and reduce costs with task management capabilities that drive repeated and successful action.

Digital Deal Books

How do you keep track of fundraisers progress? Store important business events in a digital book, to ease up further capital injections.


Checklists & audit trails to support governance. Improve operational agility and customer focus while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.

Dynamic Reporting

Get visibility into business operations of your portfolio companies.

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Still work in progress

We have worked on some awesome products and run multiple pilots. To learn more or potentially participate in beta programs, please leave us a message and we are happy to talk!

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