Investor efficiency as a service

Untangling the investment process

Investor efficiency and tools as a service

Untangling the investment process

Investors who make lots of investments, can make some reasonable stabs at quantifying deal flow quality because they at least generate a decent quantity of data points. It's just not a field that's highly optimized for that kind of analysis.

Audit à la carte offers tools for the screening process and to keep track of dealroom & flow.

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A robust, transparent, free dashboard with a customizable Due Diligence Checklist that features integrated controls. Key assumptions can be tested with a click of a button.


Standardizing the process will reduce risk and save time. We believe that investors shouldn’t be offered an investment without all of the relevant information.


Audit à la carte will not waste your time. Our unique digital deal books make it easy for fundraisers to share their vision with potential investors.


We recognize that Investor’s value their time above all else after principal retention and capital appreciation.

AUDIT GOVERNANCE MANAGEMENT | Effective audit control

Track and manage your audit process from the initial introduction until closing.

The current business environment has turned the spotlight on the role that a investment manager must play within the larger drive towards effective governance, risk, and compliance management.

What information has been requested, what has been returned and reviewed?

REQUEST INFORMATION | Ready to use templates

Get the flexibility and end-to-end functionality you need.

Every fundraising round is unique, but the information requests to make assumptions is often similar. With Audit à la carte, you control the questions that go out and re-use them with one simple click.

Think all those inconsistent documents - but structured and organized.


We are a startup too and would love to get your feedback, thoughts and challenges. Help us, to enable you to get tooling to improve your efficiency. Upcoming are more checklists, templates and self-service screening tools.

A few values of our platform

We offer you a wide range of services

Due Diligence

One click information requests, Customized Checklists, Audit Tracking

3rd Party Validation

Project details are validated by a 3rd party to ensure correctness

Software as a service

Hosted Online, Automatic Updates, Secure information storage


Investors are demanding less complex tools with transparent structures.


Organization of Information, consistent process for each opportunity.

Rolling updates

What Are the Most Critical KPIs? Follow them instantly!

Business Intelligence

Investment likelihood comes down to the team, product, and numbers. Know them!


What are similar companies and how are they performing?

Our team support you

Collect, analyze, evaluate, and report information that can be used to validate a prospect.

Robbert van Os

He is the go-to guy for anyone with questions on innovative business models, growth, technology as a business driver and scalable technological decision-making.

Leonie Derendorp

Software Engineer, multi-language, paradigm and stack programmer and system architecture designer and keeping abreast of current best practices

Pim Hooghiemstra

Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in analysis, design and programming. Very adaptable to all environments, and thrive on a challenge.

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