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Audit à la Carte: Provides insights, thought leadership and in-depth resources for early stage tech companies.

TECHNOLOGY AUDIT OR SCANDue diligence of software or hardware completes the whole picture of the acquisition target and strengthens the investors's knowledge and argumentation.

INVESTOR PRODUCTIVITY TOOLSWe developed various tools & services to enable investors to focus on portfolio growth & new discovery of potential start- and scale-up targets.

Learn @ AcademyWe are excited about the opportunities for excellence and we will provide a positive learning experience that will impact your company.

The Start-up & Scale-up Due Diligence focus

A thorough due diligence investigation is indispensable in making important investment decisions and the competition for software based investments is intense. The goal of technical due diligence is to determine the technical state of a software and/or hardware platform in a pragmatic and careful way. The advantage of doing this due diligence is it helps to have an independent perspective on the current state and determine the steps necessary, for further growth and accelerate your business.

The results of the audit are presented in an advisory report and discussed in a debrief and with a business focus using language that is easy to understand, even for non-technical people. Audit à la Carte’s past technical due diligence activities include:

  • Identifying legacy and obsolescence issues
  • Software scalability to meet growth objectives
  • Team efficiency and productivity
  • Open source exposure
  • Acquisition integration inefficiencies and opportunities
Contact us, if you have specific focus areas. We are sure we can support to successfully close your deal and achieve the right return on investment! Read more...

Investor productivity tools services

Investment management is a true craftmanship! Successful investing requires experienced professionals, who are not only on the lookout for potential investments, but support the portfolio companies at the same time! How does one keep track of everything?

Audit à la Carte recognizes this traditional approach but seeks for ways to support the modern investor with input and tooling for constructive decisions. Audit à la Carte currently has two core product offerings, sold predominately on a subscription basis, addressing both the small and medium sized investors:

  • Application control
  • Portfolio onboard
  • Portfolio assesment
Audit à la Carte is also developing a next generation product that will combine the best aspects of portfolio management and onboarding new investments.

The network services and academy

Audit à la Carte is also a network hub and leadership development program that advances the careers of young technology professionals via training in leadership, technical architecture design, emotional intelligence, data intelligence, as well as peer-to-peer mentorship and career coaching.

On the network services you can find a.o.:

  • Guiding a software transfer from company A to company B
  • Preparing your technology for investment or exit
  • Identify candidates & recruitment support
  • Business focussed technology report to support your sales process.

On the leadership development program, we offer a wide variety of programs. A few examples are:

  • Kickstart or improve Roadmap & Planning
  • Improve stakeholder reporting (e.g. Progress reports)
  • Technical team effectiveness assessment
  • Product development analysis
  • Technical design & Pragmatism
  • Backup & disaster recovery analysis
  • Security & privacy reviews
  • And much more....
Did you know, we also educate investors? We help them better understand what they potentially invest in.

Why work with us?

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Report on issues (or anticipated issues) as we come across them. There is a temptation to "let things go" as further investigation may require more work or reveal embarrassing processes, performance and/or fraud.

Great communication

As auditors establish good rapport with a variety of individuals, however, they should keep in mind the objectives of the audit (for instance, the reliability, verifiability, accuracy and timeliness of information)

Team players

As the scope of the audit can be fairly large, it is beneficial to help in other areas of an audit when resource constraints warrant it.

Professional skepticism

Auditors tend to get a lot of eye rolls from client personnel. After all, no one likes to have their work questioned or their errors pointed out to their bosses. Yet that questioning is foundational to the audit practice.

Market knowledge & experience

Auditors involved in assurance work use their specialised industry and financial knowledge and analytical techniques to get an in-depth understanding of organisations and how they function.

Decide on the audit focus

Increase worker efficiency and reduce costs with task management capabilities that drive repeated and successful action.

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