CTO Coaching | An extra eye on technical growth

Did you or your company experience sudden growth or do you envision quick acceleration, for example, because of an investment? Perhaps you can't find an appropriate CTO at the experience level you desire or need?

It can be daunting, what to expect, how to go about technology management? It is logical you don't have experience in your backpack by default. Together we mainly increase the impact you can make.

Our partners have 20+ years of experience and will work with you to coach your IT prospect to become a CTO or merely accelerate their learning curve. If this doesn't work, we can help to find an optimal transition path.

If you are a CTO or other human in a tech leadership position, and if it is something you or your company is positive towards to, I highly recommend trying one on one coaching.

Let’s work together to make IT happen.

Mix & stir | Your view + experts opinion

We've done it and still actively do it. This offers a broad range of experiences to support your growth. Because technology change is accelerating, and technology stacks increase in size and complexity, there is a need for leaders to get some peace of mind.

We have built (tech) teams, we have changed technology stacks numerous times, and we have grown our operations. This is just the high -level stuff, you could read about, e.g., using online sources.

The real difference and value are in the actual hands-on experience though.

This is what we like to bring to the table, not as an interim CTO but rather as a sparring partner. Not only much more effective, but also a huge cost saver!

Our focus is on start- and scale-up companies with a strong technology component. We believe in pragmatism, especially in this stage. You need to be keen on budgets, resources and remain flexible. Some examples of typical challenges at this stage.

  • Balance scale vs features
  • Founding CTO needs to level up on tech leadership
  • Product feature richness level
  • Customize vs generalize
  • Hiring suitable candidates
  • Scaling processes internally
  • Partnership decision making
  • Cybersecurity readiness
  • Privacy Do's and Don'ts
  • Winning trust of customers
  • Control on your technology stack
  • Coaching purpose

    We believe in giving you the most profound and most meaningful impact possible. That means that we want to work with you to identify, what is putting a strain on leaders.

    This could be a combination of different leaders collaborating, but could also be a personal challenge for one of them.

    We are there for the technology and product leads, who benefit from reflection and sparring on particular challenges. This could be related to managerial topics, in-depth architecture discussions, priority setting for product development, internal improvements on communication and so on! If on the rare occasion we don't have the answer at our fingertips, we use speed-dial to those in our network who do know.

    We believe that leaders can thrive in this environment, regardless of the speed of change, by getting clarity about their purpose, gaining perspective, and training on the job.

    Our value is to provide supportive tools and community for each leader to work from their focus and achieve great results.

    Approach & Attack plan

    Our approach is flexible and can be on-premise or remote. Most often we have face to face sessions every month, combined with a remote session in between. Based on the need and advice after the initial intake, we determine the best approach.

    Flexible per month
    Every month, we can adjust the schedule and time spent on coaching. At the same time, we remain flexible, to take on extra chores. In case a request is made but does not fit the current scope for the given month, we aim to offer you a quote for a new scope on request.

    Included by default
    By default, we provide a fair use policy to support you where we can. This could be a bit more or less, changing per month. On top of that, we provide additional value by:

  • On-call service for burning questions
  • Free to use resources like templates or tools
  • Our creativity to solve your challenges, smart and cost-effective.

  • Did you get excited, or do you want to learn more? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!