As a CTO & entrepreneur Robbert has gone through many rounds of technical due diligence with venture capital firms, and has done hundreds of these from the other side as a consultant. He started with a small firm, formally known as Develeapment and this business spawned off in Audit à la Carte. It's mission? To accelerate growth at start- and scale-ups!

Audit à la Carte provides technology and IT expertise throughout the full investment lifecycle — at acquisition, during ownership, and at an exit. Our assistance helps to grow and build value in your businesses. With a team of premium partners, a collaboration initiative was born.


About Robbert

An entrepreneur since an early age and the Founding father & CTO of Spil Games, Robbert van Os has been instrumental in growing the gaming company to an online hub of over 200 million monthly active users worldwide. Given his experiences in his own startup ventures and from mentoring others, Robbert understands other startup owners and employees who are building a product and growing their audience. In light of this, it is fitting that he spends a lot of his time as an innovation coach & mentor and supports VCs with Technical Due Diligence. He is the go-to guy for anyone with questions on innovative business models, growth, technology as a business driver and scalable technological decision-making.

Tech guru, Entrepreneur, innovation coach, Advisor. There isn't much Robbert hasn't come across in his impressive career in the tech world. He serves as an Advisor on the Investment Committee of Holland Startup B.V. and the advisory board of Eccentrade B.V. He is an active member in the Dutch startup community and teaches starting Angel investors about the importance of technology review @ Angel Academy. Robbert holds a professional degree in Digital Communication and Multimedia.

Characteristics: Think different!, creative, curious and eager to learn, good communicative and social skills, leadership, ambitious, pragmatic, good organizing skills, result oriented, used at working in an international environment, broad common knowledge.

Driving the business, supported by technology!

Technical risk analysis in various segments

We have done technical risk analysis in the following domains, and we're still expanding:

    3D printing
    Embedded software development
    Artificial intelligence
    Media (print, online)
    Machine learning
    Social media
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Life sciences
    LOHAS and wellness
    Human Resources
    Marketing tech
    Archival services
    Video production
    (Casual) Gaming
    SaaS (software as a service)
    Virtual reality